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Scott Eagle, Former Emeritus Steve Phipps Joe Allard Pete Olig Michael BB

plays the acoustic guitar

plays the drums, cymbals plays the electric guitar

plays the bass guitar

plays the keyboards

plays electric, too

LOTS of BIG drums, too

plays the acoustic guitar

plays a dbl-nck bass-12, when we need him to

with both hands, even...

plasd the flute a lot

and E-perc.

did I mention the dbl-6-12?

plays the bass pedals, theoretically...

MC's the shows, so far...

sings about half the songs

sings all the high ones,

has the most notes to play

sings lotsa harmony, even more than GR did

provides harmonies

is a Tull Fan, still

is a Genesis fan

is a Rush fan

is a Prog-rock fan who digs YES the mostest

is a YES fan

still likes music

still likes music

still likes music

still likes music

stil likes music

is GLAD to be Back !

is an original member

in PROG about 8 yrs

in PROG about 1 yr.

helped found the band

speaks Italian

is from Kansas City

hosts our weekly rehearsals at his house

does many things electrical

teaches music all day

has twin children

knows computers well

designs circuits n' stuff

plays in lots of other bands

can write a bit, I guess

plays violin, just not here

loves British humour

camps in the summer

is a veteran musician of many genres

tries to get attention a lot... are you reading this?





Last Updated: December 23, 2016